100% Cotton Woven Wraps

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Showing all 15 results

Woven Wraps FAQ

What is a woven wrap or a baby wrap?

A woven wrap baby carrier is a long piece of high-quality fabric to tie and carry your baby. They are considered to be one of the most versatile baby carriers. You can wear your baby in the front, on the back or hip. Try using your woven wrap as a hammock! Besides, old school midwives recommend tying your postpartum belly to support weak muscles during the first weeks after birth.

Can you use a woven wrap with a newborn?

There are no age and weight limits for using a woven wrap! Many parents all over the world wear their babies from the first days.
Safety first! Make sure your baby’s position in a woven wrap is ergonomically safe: a vertical position belly-to-belly with a wearer, knees higher than hips, a chin is up, the airflow is clear. If placed properly, your baby is as safe in a woven wrap as if you are holding her in your arms.

Can you wear your toddler in a woven wrap?

Sure you can! A woven wrap is a one baby carrier for all the babywearing period! The fabrics of woven wraps from our store are so strong and durable that you can wear even an adult if you wish :). The only recommendation is to listen to your body. The wearer should always feel comfortable wearing a child in any baby carrier.

Why choose 100% cotton woven wraps?

While there are so many great fabric blends, 100% cotton woven wraps are really universal. You can use them in winter and during hot summer days. 100% cotton woven wraps are durable, but still quite soft right out of the box. This type of baby wraps is non-stretchy. That’s why they provide a great support, especially for heavy babies. We have a rich collection of 100% cotton woven wraps of exceptional quality, from affordable to luxury. We also recommend linen blend woven wraps.

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