Mei Tai / Meh Dai Baby Carriers

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Meh Dai / Mei Tai Baby Carriers FAQ

What is a Meh Dai / Mei Tai?

Meh Dai / Mei Tai Baby Carrier is an easy-to-use hybrid carrier. It’s a buckle-free wrap and tie baby carrier. Meh dais have a rectangular body panel like backpack carriers and long stripes similar to woven wraps.
It combines the natural fit of a woven wrap and the simplicity of a backpack baby carrier (also known as a SSC).

What is the difference between Meh Dais, Bei Dais, and Mei Tais?

These are different names of the same type of baby carriers with East Asian Origins.
In respect to the Asian culture, meh dai or bei dai are now the recommended names for the carrier formerly referred to as “mei tai”.

Can I use a Meh Dai / Mei Tai Baby Carrier with a newborn?

Yes! You can start wearing your baby in a meh dai from the first days of her life. That’s when the long straps help. You can easily adjust the straps to give an extra support for your baby’s gentle spine. Meh Dais with wrap straps provide amazing support for newborn babies.

Can I wear my baby on the back in a Meh Dai?

Sure! You can start wearing your baby on the back as soon as she can sit-up on her own. Don’t forget to check the airflow!