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Ring Sling Carriers FAQ

What is a Ring Sling?

A Ring Sling Carrier is a short piece of a woven fabric (usually of a high quality) with a pair of rings for adjustability. It is a traditional one-shoulder baby carrier.

What are the best carrying positions in a ring sling?

Ring slings are good as a front and a hip carrier. Back wearing is not recommended, but it is possible when a baby can sit unassisted.
It is absolutely safe to wear your newborn in a cradle position and upright.

What is the best age to wear a baby in a ring sling?

Ring slings are great for newborns and very easy to nurse in (use a tail of a ring sling to cover when breastfeeding).
It is probably the best baby carrier to transfer your sleeping baby out of a sling into a bed.
Ring slings are also very popular during the stage when a kid wants up and down often. This is probably the best baby carrier to quickly pop your baby in and out.
As a one-shoulder baby carrier, a ring sling might not be as comfortable with heavier kids and toddlers. There is no age or weight restrictions for ring sling carriers, it is the matter of a wearer’s comfort.

How to choose the right size for a ring sling?

Usually, the M size of ring sling carriers fits most. If a tail of a ring sling is too long you may tuck it around the rings beautifully. If you need a bigger ring sling, please leave us a note and we’ll make a custom size for you.

How to select the right fabric for a ring sling?

  • 100% cotton ring slings are universal. They are great for newborns and for toddlers. They are good for a hot season too!
  • Pick a bamboo blend ring sling if you have a summer baby. Thin, lightweight, silky, such a ring sling will help you survive during hot and humid days. Bamboo blend ring slings are ideal for newborns.
  • Linen blend ring slings is a luxury choice. Dense and breathable. Suitable for roasting heat and for winter frost. Very supportive – linen blend ring sling is the right choice for toddlers.

What is the difference between a ring sling and a woven wrap?

  • For a ring sling, you use two metal rings to adjust the carrier. While with a woven wrap you use wraparound techniques to wear your baby.
  • Ring slings are more compact vs. woven wraps. Ring slings are for those who desire less fabric and something that is easy to use.
  • A ring sling is a one-shouldered baby carrier. With a woven wrap, you usually distribute weight between two shoulders.