Diva Essenza 100% Cotton Mei Tai

Diva Essenza Mei Tai, Dolce

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Diva Essenza 100% Cotton Mei Tai is a baby carrier from birth up to 2-3 years. It can be used for front and back positions.

Fabric: 100% cotton jacquard weave;
One size (suitable for a waist up to 160cm).

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Diva Essenza 100% Cotton Mei Tai Features:

  • Upper straps: soft, 220cm (87in.) long, 24cm (9,5in.) wide;
  • Stretched back panel height: 31-36cm (12-14in.) +9cm (3,5in.) wide soft belt;
  • Adjustable base: 20-40cm (8-16in.);
  • One size (suitable for a waist up to 160cm);
  • A rollable hood which can be used as a baby headrest;
  • Wide soft shoulder straps made of Diva wrap fabric, for a great carrying comfort and better adjustability;
  • Straps at the hood to fix easily in shoulder half-rings;
  • Adjustable back panel base to ensure correct legs position for both newborns and toddlers;
  • Stretchable back panel height for better adjustment for a baby size;
  • A drawstring in a neck area for perfect adjustment.
  • Surface weight: 250g/m²

Diva Essenza 100% Cotton Mei Tai can be used with:

  • newborns (with a hood used as a headrest and mei tai body base reduced in width by special cords with stoppers); you can also reduce the height of the back panel by slight tucking of the belt;
  • most babies up to 12-18 months with the upper side of the mei tai back ending under their head (the baby should be properly positioned without excessive sagging in the back, with a mei tai back properly pulled up);
  • toddlers up to 2-3 years with their shoulders and sometimes arms outside.

100% Cotton Mei Tai Care instructions:

Machine wash at gentle cycles and low temperature, do not tumble dry.

This is the right product for those who seek for “one wrap for all the babywearing period”, for an affordable price.


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