Woven Wrap Smeraldo

100% cotton Woven Wrap Smeraldo

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100% cotton Woven Wrap Smeraldo is the right product for those who seek for “one wrap for all the babywearing period”, for the affordable price.

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100% cotton Woven Wrap Smeraldo by Diva Essenza is a Diva Milano sub-brand of baby carriers with:

  • exquisite Italian designs;
  • a permanent stock of regular models and a wide choice of colors;
  • sustainable quality from a carefully selected ISO-certified manufacturer;
  • affordable price.

Diva Essenza 100% cotton Woven Wrap is medium-thick, with special mechanical pre-treatment to make it soft right out of the box, suitable for both newborns and toddlers.

100% cotton Woven Wrap Smeraldo Sling Sizing

The right size will depend on your own measurements and how you prefer to carry your baby:

  • size 3.7m is suitable for ‘Kangaroo’ carry,
  • size 4.2m for the ‘Cross Carry’
  • sizes 4.6m and 5.2m for the ‘Wrap Cross Carry’.

The medium-sized sling (4.6m) is generally suitable for most adults and carrying styles, the 5.2m sling might be better for larger adults and/or babies. If your own body size is no more than 14 you can use Wrap Size 4.6m for all carrying methods.

For body size 14 (GB) / 12 (US) we recommend Wrap Size 5.2m.



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