4 in 1 maternity and babywearing coat

Diva 4 in 1 Babywearing Winter Coat, Front / Back Carry, Grafite

CAD$ 305.00

Looking for a perfect maternity and babywearing coat, that can protect you and your baby on cold winter days?

New Diva 4 in 1 Babywearing winter coat with a back and front carry option is the answer!

Temperature: from 0C (32F) to -25C (-13F)

Sizing tip: if doubt between two sizes, choose the bigger one!

Can I return it?Yes!
Can I exchange?Yes!
When can I expect my order? – On average, just in 8-10 business days after shipping! We ship in 1-4 business days.

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Size Guide

To identify your size you need to measure over the fullest part of your bust, with the tape measure parallel to the floor, then check the following table:
Maternity and Babywearing Coats Sizing Guide

When you buy Diva Milano Winter Babywearing coat you get 4 coats in 1:

  • a regular coat,
  • a babywearing coat with a front carry,
  • a babywearing coat with a back carry option,
  • a maternity coat.

Diva Outerwear Babywearing Winter Coats have been developed specially for cold climates. There are a lot of useful details to make your babywearing experience in winter comfortable and pleasant.

The Diva Babywearing Winter Coat Includes:

  • A detachable babywearing insert. Special cords with stoppers adjust the size of the insert and provide perfect adjustment depending on the mother and baby sizes.
  • A detachable mothers’ collar to protect a mom’s neck from a cold when babywearing. A special cord provides adjustment of the collar to protect from a strong wind.
  • A detachable baby’s hood protects baby’s neck, shoulders and head from cold, frost and wind. A coat can be worn with or without this hood.
  • A detachable maternity insert. A coat can be used as a maternity coat until the end of pregnancy.

The Diva Babywearing Winter Coat Details:

  • Temperature: from +0C (32F) to -25C (-13F)
  • Central zippers opening for easy access to the baby: any time you can check the sling or breastfeed a baby without putting off the coat.
  • Elastic belt with a buckle provides proper fit and creates a feminine silhouette while keeping the warmth inside, with both front and back carry (the belt can be buckled both in front and back).
  • A strap on the mother’s hood provides safe back carry babywearing: the hood should be rolled and fixed with a strap when a baby is worn on your back (a strap usage is IMPORTANT to avoid suffocation risk!)
  • Two-sided sleeve bands can be rolled to adjust the arm length.
  • Adjustment cord on the mother’s hood for better fit while babywearing.

Fabric & care

  • Body and lining: 100% Polyester.
  • Fill: 100% Polyester (“Shelter”)*
  • Machine wash


  • A babywearing coat is not a baby carrier, you need a sling or a buckle carrier to carry a baby!
  • A babywearing coat can be used only with a vertical ‘tummy-to-tummy’ front carry!


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