Diva Basico Wrap Conversion Buckle Carrier

Diva Basico Wrap Conversion Buckle Carrier, Cacao

CAD$ 232.00

The Diva Basico Wrap Conversion Baby Carrier is a full buckle baby carrier great for babies from birth up to 2-3 years. It is a Wrap Conversion sewn from Diva baby wraps.
Backpack Baby Carriers are suitable for both, front and back positions.

Besides, a unique newborn insert comes with the purchase of any Diva Essenza Backpack Baby Carrier!

Fabric: 100% cotton jacquard weave;
 from birth up to 2-3 years;
One size (suitable for a waist up to 160cm);
Surface weight: 250g/m²


Diva Basico Wrap Conversion Buckle Carrier Features:

An ergonomic position for your baby

  • The “M shape” leg position at any age: from birth (with the insert) or 5 months (without the insert) to 3 years.
    The ‘M-shape’ leg position with baby’s knees higher than her hips and legs spread apart at 90° is the most ergonomically correct for babywearing. In fact, it is similar to baby’s position in your arms.
  • The correct baby spine support. A newborn’s gentle spine has a natural “C shape”. The ergonomic baby carrier gently supports the right position from first days of your baby’s life.
  • The adjustable back panel base. Easy to reduce in width for babies up to 5 months, to adjust to the baby’s leg position.

Babywearing Options

  • While you can use the baby carrier for front and back carry, no front facing option provided.
  • An easy way to pop your baby in and out!

Backpack Baby Carrier Straps

  • The real comfort for a wearer: wide, padded shoulder straps can be worn like rucksack straps, or crossed.
  • Unpadded front part of shoulder straps. Adjust in length to suit the baby’s size and ensure comfortable back wear.

Waist Belt Features

  • A wide padded waist belt supports a wearer’s spine and weak mommy’s tummy muscles.
  • Great for heavier kids!
  • Special straps are sewn into the belt. Fold the carrier and fix it on a belt when the baby is out.

A Unique Newborn Insert

Diva Basico Wrap Conversion Buckle Carrier Newborn Insert

  • A unique patented newborn insert provides the correct baby position for babies up to 5 months (height less than 66 cm and weight less than 7 kg).
  • The insert is included with the purchase of the carrier.

A Removable Sleep Hood

  • A removable sleep hood can be attached with a buckle on each shoulder strap.
  • Use it as a headrest to support the baby’s head.
  • The hood is adjustable on sides and on top.

Fabrics and Care

  • Fabric: 100% cotton jacquard weave.
  • The Diva Basico buckle carrier is a Diva Woven Wrap conversion.
  • This fabric is specially woven for babywearing. Unlike regular fabric, it has a lower weave density and a greater thread thickness.
  • Care instructions: machine wash at gentle cycles and low temperature, do not tumble dry.

Meets ASTM International Standard F2236-14, approved January 2014.
Meets European Standard EN 13209-2, approved August 2005


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