Maternity and Breastfeeding Dress Iceberg

Diva Maternity and Nursing Dress Alba, Iceberg

Based on many babywearers’ feedback, the neckline access is the most suitable for breastfeeding in a sling. So we are sure that Diva maternity and nursing dresses will perfectly suit your Diva slings!

: 95% rayon, 5% spandex
Nursing Secret: neckline access: pull aside the top neckline to access the inner layer and lift it to access breast.

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A Diva Alba maternity and nursing dress for breastfeeding is fabricated from a high-quality jersey fabric with a small touch of spandex. It can be worn with any style and anytime: during pregnancy, during breastfeeding and afterwards!

Jersey fabric is ideal for both pregnancy and nursing: it stretches well, but keeps its form perfectly. You can pull aside the outer layer many times for nursing but it still looks like new. It is also adjusting well to your changing body.

Care Instructions:
Machine wash warm (max. at 40 degrees), gentle with like colors.
Iron at medium heat.


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