Diva Milano Maternity Coat, Fall, Spring

Diva Milano Babywearing Coat (fall / spring), Notte

Diva Milano Babywearing Coat 3 in 1 has been developed specially for cold climates. There are a lot of useful details to make your babywearing experience comfortable and pleasant.

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Diva Milano Babywearing Coat 3 in 1: regular coat + babywearing coat + maternity coat.

The Diva Milano Babywearing Coat will protect you and your baby from cold, wind and snow. It is easily washed, lightweight, with a water repellent outer; you can use it in temperatures up to -10C (14F).

The Diva Milano Babywearing Coat includes:

  • A detachable babywearing insert. Special cords with stoppers adjust the size of the insert and provide perfect adjustment depending on the mother and baby sizes.
  • A detachable mothers’ collar to protect a mum’s neck from cold when babywearing. A special cord provides adjustment of the collar to protect from strong wind.
  • A detachable baby’s hood protects baby’s neck, shoulders and head from cold, frost and wind. A coat can be worn with or without this hood.

Diva Milano Babywearing Coat Details:

  • Temperature: from +10C (50F) to -10C (14F)
  • Central zippers opening for easy access to the baby: any time you can check the sling or breastfeed a baby without putting off the coat.
  • Elastic stitching all around the coat provides proper fit and creates a feminine silhouette while keeping the warmth inside. Due to elastic stitching the coat can be used during pregnancy.
  • Adjustment cord on the bottom of the coat provides perfect adjustment for better protection from wind. You can vary adjustment with and without a baby.
  • Wide elastic bands on sleeves: elastic wristbands make the coat fit well for mothers of different arm length.
  • Adjustment cord on the mother’s hood for better fit while babywearing.
  • Comfortable and big pockets closed by zippers.
  • Elastic stitching on sleeves near the shoulder provides perfect sleeve fit for mothers of different shoulder width.

Fabric & care

  • Body and lining: 100% Polyester.
  • Fill: 100% Polyester (“Sintepon”)
  • Machine wash


  • A babywearing coat is not a babycarrier, you need a sling or a buckle carrier to carry a baby!
  • A babywearing coat can be used only with a vertical ‘tummy-to-tummy’ front carry!

Size Guide

To identify your size you need to measure over the fullest part of your bust, with the tape measure parallel to the floor, then check the following table:

Diva Milano Size Chart - Maternity Outerwear


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