Cotton linen woven wrap

Diva Essenza Linen Cotton Woven Wrap, Moka

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Linen cotton woven wrap Diva Essenza Moka keeps you cool in the summertime and warm in winter.

50% cotton, 50% linen
Surface weight: 255g/m²

Like all woven wraps with linen, it has a great support and is ideal for toddlers.

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Diva Essenza Linen Cotton Woven Wrap Sizing

Diva Essenza Woven Wraps are available in 4.2m, 4.6m, and 5.2m.

The right size will depend on your own measurements and how you prefer to carry your baby:

  • size 3.7m is suitable for ‘Kangaroo’ carry,
  • size 4.2m for the ‘Cross Carry’
  • sizes 4.6m and 5.2m for the ‘Wrap Cross Carry’.

The 4.6m sling is generally suitable for most adults and carrying styles, the 5.2m sling might be better for larger adults and/or babies. If your own body size is no more than 14 you can use Wrap Size 4.6m for all carrying methods. For body size 14 (GB) / 12 (US) we recommend Wrap Size 5.2m.

Linen Cotton Woven Wrap Caring Instructions

  • Wash your linen wrap in cold water in gentle cycle.
  • Tumble dry on low.
  • Even though ironing is not necessary, a steam ironing will help make your linen cotton woven wrap feel softer and look better.


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