Matching Mother Daughter Dresses

Matching Mother Daughter Dresses Alba and Velturno

Matching Mother Daughter Dresses are a maternity and nursing dress Alba and a matching girl’s dress. It is an ideal family holiday look!

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Matching Mother Daughter Dresses are a maternity and nursing dress and a matching girl’s dress. This family holiday look is very special and will surely boost your spirits.

These bright Matching Mother Daughter Dresses are made of  Italian pattern fabric. The sunny and colorful fabric looks like pieces of Byzantine mosaic.

A charming silhouette of mother’s dress with folds on the skirt will flatter your figure.

Fabric: 82% rayon, 14% polyester, 4% lycra.

Matching Mother Daughter Dresses Feature:

  • Family look: maternity and nursing dress and a matching dress for your little girl.
  • Mother’s dress is ideal for any stage of pregnancy.
  • Mother’s dress has a nursing secret to be able to breastfeed anywhere.
  • Nursing secret is hidden under the vertical lines of the top.
  • Side zip.
  • 5/6 sleeves perfectly looks with the silhouette of the dress.
  • The length of mother’s dress for size M (measured from the highest point of the shoulder down): 95 cm/ 37.4 inches.
  • Wash on gentle cycle. 30 degrees C.

Matching Mother Daughter Dresses and the Theory of Attachment Parenting

  • Between the age of 1 and 2 your baby starts identifying sameness and differences.
  • Even at the age of 5 (and later!) your child still needs a strong attachment to you, especially if she goes to a child care. The separation during the day may cause anxiety in your child. Sameness in clothes may help to soften this separation.
  • Wearing matching mother daughter dresses is the easiest and the most basic step to development of strong attachment with your little one.

The materials about attachment parenting and matching mother daughter outfits were taken from the research of Gordon Newfield and Olga Pisaryk – canadian experts in the theory of attachment parenting.


Sizing Chart

The primary measurement for a nursing dress is the chest size.
Even if you know your regular clothes size we highly recommend to double check your new measurements. Frequently your shape significantly changes after pregnancy.
Measure around the fullest part of your chest and refer to the table below.

Bambinomania Size Chart - Nursing Wear