Chimparoo Mei Tai Fit, Zoo

Chimparoo Organic Cotton Meh Dai Fit, Zoo

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Chimparoo Meh Dai Fit is the compromise between a woven wrap and a soft structured carrier.

 100% organic cotton.
Size: one size.
The overall level of learning: Medium.

With each purchase of a Chimparoo Meh Dai Fit comes the instructions in DVD format.

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  • Meh Dai surrounds your child in a comfortable fabric, with symmetric weight distribution for the wearer.
  • Meh Dai is designed for kids from birth to early childhood.
  • For as long as the wearer is comfortable (7-35 lbs).
  • 4 carrying positions
  • Padding under the thighs and on shoulder straps. Lightweight. Compact.
  • Woven from organic cotton, certified free from toxic chemicals
  • Easy care, high performance durable fabric.
  • One size
  • DVD included

Watch the Video How to Tie Chimparoo Meh Dai Fit

Chimpraoo Meh Dai Fit Overview

The term meh-dai refers to a type of Asian-based carrier. Pronounced may tie, its meaning in Chinese (Cantonese) is Meh: carried on the shoulders and Dai : carrying strap. Its simplicity is what makes it so popular.

There are many variations in existence, and the basic common element is a waist-belt and shoulder straps attached to a central panel where a baby is seated. The carrier adapts to a wide range of body types.

The Chimparoo Meh Dai Fit Is Ideal for Newborns:

  • soft woven cotton twill,
  • the system of lateral adjustments for a newborn,
  • seat adjustments to accommodate a baby younger than 2-3 months of age,
  • a sleep hood,
  • a padding in the waist, shoulder straps and under the thighs.

All these elements make an ideal carrier for the newborn.

The carrier is certified for use with a child weighing 7-35 lbs and thus can be used for as long as you feel comfortable.
Your child can be worn in 4 positions: on the front facing in, on the front facing out, on the hip and on the back.

The Chimparoo Mei Tai is often considered a hybrid, the compromise between a woven wrap and a soft structured carrier such as the TREK or MULTI 2.0. Made for both men and women, with a look that is both urban and natural. It owes its cozy feel, comfort, and support to the same supple, lightweight cotton twill found in our woven wraps. Lightweight and simple to use, it is compact and easy to master. You will find it indispensable, both inside and outside the home. The long shoulder straps will accommodate most body types and allow the carrier to be worn outside your coat.

Chimparoo Meh Dai Fit is made in Canada.

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