SleepBelt, Blue

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SleepBelt is a premium quality product designed for the 4th trimester and beyond.

Not sure which size to get? If you are pregnant and unsure of your post-baby size, we recommend measuring above your belly/around your rib cage; order based on that measurement. 

When in doubt – go with Medium!

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SleepBelt is a hands-free skin-to-skin support system that allows a baby to sleep sound, snug and secure on mom or dad’s chest – maintaining proper positioning.
SleepBelt enables and encourages rest and recovery while easing your baby from womb to world.
As a baby grows, tap into the versatility of SleepBelt to keep baby close in other ways.

Why do we call it SleepBelt?

It LITERALLY belts your sleeping baby to you.  

Here at SleepBelt, we understand the importance of infant sleep – especially newborns.

When babies sleep, their bodies can conserve calories… calories that can instead be used to grow, and for brain development.

SleepBelt Skin-to-Skin Support System Features

  • Quick & easy to get on
  • Has unique 4-way stretch, which naturally mimics the womb
  • Allows baby to be in their most comfortable position: legs straight, tucked, or froggy style
  • Comfortable for the wearer: no knots, clips or buckles to dig in, no strain on the neck back or shoulders
  • Unisex & adjustable
  • Versatile: skin-to-skin (0-3 months), forward facing on lap (when baby has full neck/head control and can sit with your support), gentle chair restraint (when baby can sit unassisted – do not leave baby unattended!)

Recommended in “Sweet Sleep” by La Leche League International and used in hospitals (In the OR, NICU, and with full-term babies).
NOTE: SleepBelt is not a weight-bearing product, so there is no weight limit, so your baby will outgrow SleepBelt developmentally before they outgrow it physically.  Around the 4-month mark, they will begin to notice their surroundings and may not sleep on your chest as often; at this point, you may begin using your SleepBelt for different applications. 


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