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A stretch wrap or woven wrap?

By Chimparoo Babywearing Manufacturer.

The main goal of a wrap is to be able to carry your baby in such a way that it is equally comfortable for both parties. The fact that two different types of wraps exist on the market attest to how unique this experience can be, based on the quality of the fabric. 

Advantages and shortcomings of a stretch wrap.

Woven Wrap, Baby Wrap ZooStretch fabric is light and soft, almost like a layer of clothing on the skin. It is very comfortable to wear a newborn that doesn’t weigh much and sleeps a lot. The fabric is easily manipulated to “pop” the baby out and in without having to undo the wrap. The more stretch in the fabric, the more the fabric gets distorted by tension. A newborn gains weight rapidly in the early weeks, and the more the baby weighs the less likely the stretch wrap can keep baby in a properly seated position. The baby’s weight and the movement of his legs will eventually cause the fabric to bunch up around the groin, resulting in less than ideal comfort for you and baby. When baby’s weight is concentrated by the crotch, even the wearer may experience neck, back and shoulder discomfort. See the section Advantages – Ergonomic for more details.

In general, stretch wraps can accommodate a baby worn in front up to 15 lbs (7 kg). The elasticity in a stretch wrap poses a security risk for back carries. A restless child or a child reaching back to grab an object could wriggle free and even fall! One reason to avoid back carries with a stretch wrap is this lack of direct supervision of the child.

Advantages and some drawbacks of the woven wrap.

The woven wrap has numerous advantages stemming from the quality and properties of its fabric. The cross twill weave has stretch in the diagonal sense and none in the length or width. This enables the fabric to envelope and adequately support baby, regardless of the weight. Once properly adjusted, the woven wrap retains its shape, ensuring many hours of comfort while wearing your baby.

The woven wrap is wider than the stretch wrap, and is thus able to fully support a child from head to knees, from newborn to when he can walk independently. This wrap will be the one to meet all your needs, anywhere, anytime. With a little practice, the wrap will be easy to manipulate, providing optimal support and comfort in any given carry and position.

Once knotted in place, the woven wrap’s stability makes it ideal for hands-free nursing, placing minimal tension on your back and arms! Woven wraps are the only wrap we recommend for back carries.

Stretch wraps are great in the beginning with a newborn. You will gain an appreciation for babywearing with a minimal investment. Due to its limitations, your baby may outgrow it before his first birthday. The woven wrap may be intimidating at first, and demands a certain amount of skill in order to have a proper adjustment. It will take some time in the beginning to get accustomed to using a woven wrap. As with most things, a little bit of practice will grant you access to its many exceptional advantages!