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Woven wraps size: How to decide what length is right for you?

by Chimparoo Babywearing Manufacturer.

The woven wrap is available in four lengths that will support your baby no matter what age or weight in any carrying position, with little difference in terms of comfort. The choice of carries will determine what length of wrap you want. Short and medium lengths appeal to the experienced wrapper who already has a longer wrap and wishes to do kangaroo and hammock carries without tails that drag on the ground. In most African and Central or South American countries, babys are worn in fabrics that are similar in length to the short (2.5m) or medium (3.6m) wraps. Short wraps have a tendency to distribute weight onto one part of the body.

Woven Wrap, Baby Wrap JulietThe advantage of a longer length is that the weight can be more evenly distributed throughout the torso. A regular (4.6m) or extra (5.2m) woven wraps size is required for the basic wrap cross carry, whether it be on the front, hip or back. Hands-free breastfeeding is possible in the front wrap cross carry. The wrap cross carries are practical, easy to master and ergonomic, allowing for weight distribution on both shoulders and the back. It is for these reasons we recommend the regular or extra for your first wrap, depending on your size. Those who wear a medium or large clothing size will be best served by a regular length wrap. The extra woven wraps size is for those who are a size XL or XXL, or for an average person or who does not want a knot in the back with a front wrap cross carry. The extra fabric allows you to tie off in the front. Those wanting to wear baby in a snowsuit outside his coat will also find the extra woven wraps size useful. Babywearing covers (see Babygloo ) help you to avoid dressing baby in multiple layers or having to change the length of your wrap.